The midyear concert is a great chance for students to show off the skills and routines they have been learning since the start of the year. For many, it is either the first time on stage since 2019, or the first time on stage AT ALL (welcome to our new students).

There will be two concerts held on the day, students will only dance in one of these concerts (we are currently working on scheduling).

Date: Sunday 15 August
Venue: Alexander Theatre, Monash Uni (Clayton)
Concert 1: 12.30pm-3.00pm
Concert 2: 4.30pm-7.00pm

If you have an immovable event this day (such as wedding/birthday), please let us know if you need to do one concert over the other. While we will endeavour to support you, we cannot guarantee we can make the change (especially if there are many requests).

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