We welcome
children of all
ages and ability

Our approach

We provide exceptional technique training in an environment that inspires, nurtures and fosters the students’ love of dance and performing arts.

Our educators work closely with students, providing a holistic approach to their training, while tapping in to each individual dancer to help them grow and develop their confidence, technique and creativity.

We acknowledge that people are drawn to dance for very different reasons, and we work with parents and students to find the correct pathway so every dancer is supported, whether it’s for:
  physical and creative activity
  positive physical and mental health to compliment academic study
  enjoyment of training up to an elite level
  aiming for a career in the dance and performing arts industry

Many of our students have gone on to have careers in the dance industry, training and performing with high profile companies and fulltime orgainsations around the world, but many have also moved into very different careers – the important thing from our perspective is we help shape the development of children and young adults by providing them a strong and confident foundation.

A safe place to learn

All children attending Academy of Dance have the right to feel and be safe, respected, valued and protected from harm. Children should be made aware of, and feel confident in, their rights and responsibility.

We are strongly committed to the safety and wellbeing of all children that interact with our organisation, as students, siblings or friends of students, or audience members of performances. We have a Child Safety Policy that our staff are all trained in.

Our facility has a single entry point to our reception which will always have a staff member present to welcome people. Students/parents are able to enter the dance school by using a keycard which checks the student against the class roll.

We have child-only toilets and changerooms and are separate for boys and girls.


Our Values

Professional integrity

All our staff have Working With Children checks, current First Aid certificates, and are committed to the Academy of Dance policies in child safety.

Quality and excellence in service

We work hard on continuous improvement within the business to ensure we are providing the most engaging programs with children. We hold ourselves to the highest standards in our operation and we always welcome feedback from parents (and students too!).

Encouragement and perseverance

We foster positive student-student and student-teacher relationships and provide an environment where children have confidence to learn and try new things, and feel safe to make mistakes and learn from them.

Quality education

All our programs are syllabus based and our teachers have experience as educators and/or performers within the style they teach. We provide the tools children need to succeed in their development regardless of where they want to take their training.